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Farewell, November

I’ve decided not to make this last day WIP Wednesday after all.  I think I’ve shown the most interesting projects, and as I hoped, I’ve made actual progress completing them.  I have high hopes for the entire waiting-for-its-turn collection of … Continue reading

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From The Casefiles of Detective Open-Shut

Detective Open-Shut And The Missing Beagle I found a new cartoon maker for Detective Open-Shut, who was featured a few days ago in a cartoon here, created on the now-defunct-for-our-purposes Bitstrips.  Look at that little Clouseau-like figure. Perfect for a … Continue reading

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Garden Planning For 2017 : Garden Mapping

Here it is, November 28th and it rained hard with thunder and lightening all day long.  It was 50 degrees and if all of that doesn’t get a person in the mood for spring, what will?  Maybe we will have … Continue reading

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Twitter Notes

I found this old (2009) cartoon I had created in the now defunct Toonlet regarding Twitter Followers.  I just don’t get how people even find me to follow, particularly the Women In Thongs with their behinds raised to the camera…eeww, … Continue reading

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Saturday Night At The Movies: Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

I’ve read and loved all of the books in this series.  They manage to be very suspenseful. The concept of the Peculiars with their varied abilities inspired by strange old photographs which were included in the books is just so … Continue reading

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Five On Friday: My Favorite Country Singers

Yay! We made it to the last Friday in November!  For my final Five On Friday, I’m sharing my five favorite country singers. Just as certain books shaped me as a reader, I think the music I heard as a … Continue reading

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Happy Shopping!

Be careful if you go out shopping today.  There are apparently loads of baddies waiting to peruse and lift your wallet.  Snuggle at home with cocoa and leftovers instead.

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