DOA On TV What’s Coming In 2017

I still think it is bizarre that the time period after Christmas has become so full of big time programming.

I’m unhappy to see what NBC did with Grimm since last season: Gave it a renewal (yay), then said it would have the number of episodes cut in half, then they said it would not appear till January and the show would end after its short episodic run.  What dirty behavior, seriously.

Also guilty of awful behavior, Sleepy Hollow which allowed Nicole Beharie, Abbie Mills, THE MAIN CHARACTER to be summarily killed off last season.  They return in January without her, and though I love Ichabod, he and Abbie were the show.  Now they’re putting in someone who is supposed to remind you of X-Files Scully?  They have certainly lost completely the whole soul of the show and, I’ll watch, but will be cringing.

With no explanation iZombie is renewed but pushed to January.   What does that mean?

Here’s what’s coming of interest to me, and to you, cause you love the same stuff I do, right?

12 Monkeys Season Three
Stranger Things Season Two
The Expanse Season Two
Shannara Season Two
Izombie Season Three
Orphan Black Fifth and final season
Zoo (summer 2017)
Colony Season Two
Sleepy Hollow Season Four
Grimm Sixth and Final Season
Wynonna Earp Season Two
Doctor Who
Fear the Walking Dead Season Three
Mercy Street  Season Two
Poldark  Season Two
Jessica Jones Season Two
Daredevil Season Three
Class (Doctor Who Spinoff with Teens)
Shadowhunters Season Two

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