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DOA In The Kitchen: Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

While making out the weekly grocery list I ask for suggestions for the next week’s menu.  Sometimes I get nothing, sometimes something new is requested.  This week, chicken with wild rice soup was offered, and the recipe that was suggested … Continue reading

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DOA In the Garden With The Plants and Rabbits

Rabbits love peppers, even jalapenos.  And Jacob’s Ladder, and lots of stuff.  They’re babies though, just babies.  I continue my efforts to block them from the vegetable garden.  Lots in bloom despite them. Daylily Barbara Mitchell A Peony I gave … Continue reading

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Territorial Seed Company : Your Guide for Autumn, Winter, and Overwinter Gardening

A new Territorial Seed Company catalog came this week.  I like it’s take on the idea of doing a second planting for fall, something which may or may not be practical here in the frozen north. If you actually can … Continue reading

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DOA In The Garden : Quickshots

We discovered the bunnies have made their home under our shed.  One of the cats got under there last year and there’s no way you can get a reluctant animal out, that we know. I’ve been barricading my vegetable garden … Continue reading

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Wascally Wabbits

A warren of rabbits has made itself comfortable in my garden.  I haven’t had any problems with them since putting up the privacy fence, bolstered by bricks all along the bottom edge to keep the beagles from digging. My son … Continue reading

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Rainbow Sangria from Gimme Some Oven

Somehow we have decided we’d like some real fruit filled sangria this summer.  I found the perfect looking recipe at Gimme Some Oven (link once I’m at my pc).  I personally wanted lots of fruit as the top requirement. This … Continue reading

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