Ducks in a Row

After a month of not mowing or weeding and keeping the bird baths fresh, our ducklings finally emerged.  They wandered all over the yard till I opened the big gate for them so they could get to the nearby pond.

This is perhaps the fourth time since we’ve lived here ducks chose our well protected yard for a nesting spot.

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4 Responses to Ducks in a Row

  1. We had a mallard pair(or their descendants) for more than 10 years at our “old” house. They spent many mornings and afternoons paddling about in our “water feature”. Barely room for both ducks. Fun to watch, but ducks are dirty birds–“water feature” needed cleaning every two days….miss them. C.

  2. So you had a small pond for them? I just have about five bird baths of various sizes. No issues keeping them clean. They aren't here every year, but always in the area since there is a rather large man made pond nearby. When they do choose to nest here, we're always pretty excited, and I personally feel lucky they've entrusted the future of their young to us.
    I've always wanted a pond, but as with a pool of any sort, I never liked the part where you have to constantly clean it.

  3. Kaye George says:

    Spectacular! How fun.

  4. They were adorable, right out of the book Make Way For Ducklings 🙂

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