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My Favorite Comics Wordfind

I haven’t seen Batman vs. Superman yet, but everything I know about it makes me wish for comics of the era when I was reading them.  Closer in spirit to my heroes are the television Flash and Supergirl, who happen … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Vintage Babies

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Gone to the Dogs: A Word Search

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Kaye George’s Requiem In Red Word Search

Author Kaye George used the Word Search compiler I posted last week to make a word search for her upcoming novel Requiem In Red.  Isn’t that so fantastic? Requiem comes out April 12 and is the sequel to Eine … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Who Needs A Mask?

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The Early Demise of Five Things Friday

The Five Things Friday meme has proven too much for me. I’ve tortured all week over potentially interesting things to list.  I can’t be tormented by a mere meme.  Too much pressure agh….. So here is my final weak attempt … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Daylily Dreaming

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Future Dreaming: A Wordfind

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Five Things Friday

This blog meme might turn out to be harder than I thought.  I think the purpose is to encourage the blogger to think positively and think of five things that made them happy/grateful/inspired this week.  Although I’m 99% an optimist, … Continue reading

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It’s A Mystery! Crossword Answer

It’s A Mystery! Crossword Answer  

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