Stashbusting the DOA Way

My previous post on how to build a yarn stash has energized my already fevered craftiness in this new year. 

Confession: though I inventoried my yarns and hooks before going off to the store, and I had the papers with me, I was a bad doggie, and picked up two of a variety of pretty yarns like a common yarn-a-holic.

Luckily for me, I was a bit horrified by my actions, so I looked at my yarns and set about finding projects to use them on.  In theory, it is best to take patterns of projects you want to make to the store with you, then you can fulfill your yarn lust in a practical way.

I not only found projects for my yarns, I had the really fun idea to create Project Baskets for each of the yarn busters.   I have all the yarn that goes with the project and a copy of the pattern I’m using all in one basket.  This makes it so much easier to visualize these balls of yarn being a really lovely bit of work. 

I’m also just going to work methodically through these, and since I have four projects all lined up and I can see their potential every day, I’m just excited to work through them.  Best yet, I don’t feel the need to shop for any new yarn till I’ve created these. 

 Simply Soft Zigzag Blanket

One of my balls of yarn had a pattern for a stripey throw.  I don’t like dark colors, but could see the blanket would look nice in pastel stripes, even better if the stripes were shades of pink.  All I needed to do was get a few more balls of off white, and find 2 balls each of two pinks.  I could not find in the Simply Soft (on that day) two more pink colors so I picked two lavender and two soft blue.

I haven’t worked a zig zaggy type pattern before, but somehow I am confident I can do it.

Attic24 Granny Stripe Blanket

 The Attic 24 blog has patterns for two very colorful blankets that can be made from your stash or you could purchase colors similar to what she used.

I’m going to try the Granny Stripe blanket first, because I love Granny Squares, and the same comfortable stitch is used in this blanket.

In keeping with my stash busting, I looked and found that I had quite a few purple shaded yarns from a project very long ago.   I shopped for a few more colors to have the correct number to make this blanket.  I feel very pleased to be using up yarns from a project in the early 80s–is THAT stash busting or what?  Plus more yarn lust inspired shopping.  Happy making on various levels.

Attic24 Cosy Stripe Blanket

She also has a Cosy Stripe Blanket  that I thought would be perfect for using some leftover balls of pink yarn from the same time period.  A similar idea, but a bit of a different pattern from the Granny.

In this case, I didn’t have many balls, but I thought I could look around over time for nice pink colors to make this one.    I happened to be shopping for yarn to fill in a different project, when I noticed that there were a ton of nice pink shades from various manufacturers, and all were acrylic 4 ply.  In a thrilling bit of yarn shopping, I was able to indulge and buy just one skein of each to get enough to make this blanket.   It was all on sale!  Yaaaaa!!!!

Red Heart Checkerboard Textures Throw

The last crochet project in my Stashbusters Anonymous fiendishness uses some off white yarn and a couple of green shades. 

The Red Heart Checkerboard Textures Throw  is shown all in gray yarn, which is pretty, but I don’t see me working with the color gray anytime soon.   What I like about this one is, it has ten large Granny Squares, which I know I can do, and ten Textured Squares, which may be quite a challenge.  If, (I reason) I am completely unable to figure out the challenge squares, I’ll make it all Granny and voila!

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