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Common Kitchen Measurements

In a bit of serendipity, these great conversion charts keep popping up.  This one breaks down measures so you can see at a glance how much of an ingredient you need.  Sometimes a recipe will give you a measure that … Continue reading

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It’s A Mystery! Crossword

It’s A Mystery!  A Puzzle for Mystery Lovers  

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Doubling a Recipe

Favorite Commenter Kaye George asked about a chart for doubling recipes.  There are quite a few out there, but they have you filling in blanks and you just want to have something to look at, right? From This Food Thing … Continue reading

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I watched the Netflix series Daredevil this week.   I had waited because I thought it had a sort of dark, maybe hopeless tone to it.  You know me, I’m all about sunshine and Pooh Bears. I love superheroes, though.  Sometimes … Continue reading

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Stashbusting the DOA Way

My previous post on how to build a yarn stash has energized my already fevered craftiness in this new year.  Confession: though I inventoried my yarns and hooks before going off to the store, and I had the papers with … Continue reading

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Max The Magnificent: Miss You Already, Buddy

Favorite Book: Favorite Treat: Favorite Food: Favorite Person:

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Center Cut Cook’s Guide To Making Half A Recipe

So many times a recipe makes far more than you need for your family, and sometimes if you’re trying a new recipe you just don’t want to have a 9×13 pan load of something you end up not liking..or you … Continue reading

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