2016’s First Garden Catalog Pinetree Garden Seeds

Pine Tree Garden Seeds is my first mail order catalog arrival of the season.  Last year, for some reason, I didn’t receive one till March, and the seed starting season was well underway.

I did my best job ever of garden cleanup and putting the garden to bed this fall.  I also decided I would start completely fresh with the garden in spring 2016.  I tossed tons of stuff, including all old seed packets, all seed and plant catalogs, and any plants or shrubs deemed unworthy.
My plans for what I’ll feature and grow aren’t even at the glimmer stage yet, but I’ll see what catalogs and offerings come my way.  Plants and herbs and succulents in pots were so beautiful this season, and so easy to maintain, I’ll surely add more containers.
Let spring dreaming begin!
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7 Responses to 2016’s First Garden Catalog Pinetree Garden Seeds

  1. Kaye George says:

    I don't get any anymore–it's been so long since I ordered anything. I must get online and remedy that!

  2. Most nurseries have online ordering, and one of my favorite seed catalogs, Renee's Garden Seeds, has no paper catalog anymore.
    Certain big companies like Burpee, Thompson and Morgan, and even Cooks Garden are easy to find in garden centers, so you can save money on postage and handling by just getting those there. There are so many old and unusual and brand new varieties available via mail order, it is well worth getting a few catalogs to peruse.

  3. Kaye George says:

    I always used to use Spring Hill. I should look them up–yay, they're still there! Yes, I need catalogs!

  4. I'm surprised you've had good experiences with Springhill, they're pretty notorious for sending poor quality items, rather like the Michigan Bulb Company. You may want to search the Dave's Garden website for evaluations of Springhill and other companies of interest.

  5. Kaye George says:

    NOW you tell me! I used them in Ohio and only bought seeds from them by mail order. (pre internet) I'll use yours then. Thanks!

  6. I was trying to think of a good way to show you a way to other resources 🙂

  7. Kaye George says:

    You've mentioned them above. I'll stroll through some places and see what I can pick up from your list. Thanks a bunch!!

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