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DOA on TV: And We’re Off!

Doctor Who  The Magician’s Apprentice I’m not clear here who was the magician and who was the apprentice.  Doctor Who/Clara or Davros/Dr. Who? I have seen no episodes with The Master (I haven’t seen all the runs of Who) that … Continue reading

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Jungle Book April 2016: First Trailer This looks so spectacular. The article says that only Mowgli is live action, and not CGI, but you sure can’t tell it from the trailer.

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Fear the Walking Dead: The Dog

 Travis and his family and the Salazars are forced to flee the barbershop when the walls begin melting.  They’ve been sitting there all this time and nobody in the family has packed anything, no survival supplies.  If there was a … Continue reading

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Figure A: Tomatoes

I did nothing with my vegetable garden this year except move raised beds around and plant a few tomato seedlings.  Miraculously, the seedlings thrived and better late than never, have put out some nice tasty little tomatoes.   Back to … Continue reading

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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

I’m glad to have caught this at the theater, though late in its run.   The Mission Impossible movies are perfect for the giant screen and mega-sound systems. Warp speed action, light humor throughout, incredible stunts…bring on the popcorn and … Continue reading

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DOA On TV: Fall Shows 2015

Here you are, carefully selected, the very best new and returning shows for this fall.   I included names, premier date and station. Monday Gotham     9/21 Fox Minority Report    9/21 Fox Supergirl   10/26   CBS Legends  11/2   TNT Childhood’s End    12/14   Syfy … Continue reading

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Duncan Hines Perfect Size Golden Fudge Cake

You may have seen the commercials for these little six inch cakes. While the size is nice, the flavor is lacking.   Too super sweet, very artificial, and I almost want to say chemical tasting.  I hoped the use of … Continue reading

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