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BHG’s Blogger Awards …And the Winner Is…

Digging, the blog by garden writer Pam Penick is this year’s best, and she thanks everyone for their votes here.

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Garden Shopping 102

A light drizzle today turned into a blustery pouring rain.  No worries, I needed a pruning saw and a few other things from the Let’s Do It shoppe: Home Depot. Usually Home Depot lacks the whimsy that I find at … Continue reading

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Better Homes and Gardens 2015 Blogger Awards Voting

One of the blogs on my gardening blogroll Digging mentioned that it’s time to vote for the 2015 top garden bloggers.   I thought I’d add them all to my blog roll for the nonce so I can enjoy them.   Take … Continue reading

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Too Close For Comfort

My beagle has turned stalker. He follows me everywhere.  When I try to stretch out on the couch he jams himself in and pushes against my ever arthritis sore legs to make more room for himself.  Whine whine whine.

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The Groundbreaker

Here we have an 8×10 Glossy of my garden workhorse The Groundbreaker.  Needs cleaning and sharpening.  Figure A Groundbreaking Landscape Tools.

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Raised Beds : Getting Ready for Spring Planting

I’ve been working the soil in my raised beds with a hoe, just loosening things up. I’m pleased that I spent extra time in the fall making sure all plant roots and leaves from the season were gone.  The previous … Continue reading

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Sitemeter Redirect

I’ve been seeing lots of re-directs and problems with My Space popping up as I read blogs on my blog roll.   I looked up one of the redirect sites this morning and found that Sitemeter and its pop up … Continue reading

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