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Saturday Night At The Movies: World War Z: Zombies Never Disappoint

In preparation for the return of Walking Dead next week, I watched this zombie fest. Brad Pitt reluctantly leaves his family to try to find a cure for the rapidly spreading Zombie Apocalypse. He travels to South Korea and then … Continue reading

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Garden Notes: DOA in the Garden

I used to have this little skellie (I think I tossed it, alas) that was to be my DOA logo/whatever.  I found this shot of her to use as my DOA in the Garden icon/thingie.   (The words are flowing this … Continue reading

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Garden Notes

There was a hopeful weather tidbit that theorized this winter could be like the miraculous winter of 2012 wherein we could begin gardening in March. After two years of May snowfall, I hope it is true.   I’ve started writing … Continue reading

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Crochet: Try Try Again

I’ve decided to try another approach.  I’ve been practicing my stitches via a book called Crocheting School. I decided to look for a project I actually wanted to make as well.  I found this little brochure on Filet Crochet and … Continue reading

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Crochet: I Can Do This

Figure A, B, C,D My previous projects….

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Crochet: WTF

I’ve been working away on my “scarf”.  My “double crochet” moves are improving, yet my work as always looks NOTHING like the picture in the book. Aaaahhhhhggggg. Thought I’d get a picture before I rip it out again.

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Crochet Fail: Half Double Crochet Bracelet

If I had a Crochet Blog, I would have to call it Crochet Fails.  Luckily I am sticking with my all things under the sun blog. I decided to force myself to push through  making the Friendship Bracelet from my … Continue reading

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