Black Transparent Dress

One of the pleasures of going through old newspapers is that they really bring the life and times of people you wish you had known to life.   Although all my near ancestors were farmers, you can imagine the women in the family looking at the latest fashions and copying them for themselves (I suspect many were able to make their own patterns, maybe even most).

I can’t sew of course, we’ll blame this ever and always on my high school Home Economics teacher, and on my mother who could do everything in the universe but had no patience to teach, and my inability to control the wild thing that is a sewing machine.  The bobbin always went whacko, the foot pedal was impossible to hit just so…    I can hand sew, but ah, the demon sewing machine and I just never got along.

Anywho,  I thought I could use my camera on my iPod touch to photograph some of the fun things from newspaper microfilms as I came across them rather than printing them.  Glare on the white surface was a real problem, so it is really a no go.

I forgot to use Firefox again instead of IE, doh.

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