Five Things I Did Not Do On My Last Working Day

I’m writing this on my iPod in my easy chair so I’ll need to add pictures and the video once I’m at my PC.

We’ve all had those days where we have an awful day or deal with some pinhead and we mutter “on my last day I’m going to…”   Then you list the grievances of the day or the list of things you wish you could say.  I also had such a list.  I did none of these things, because I was just sad to be saying goodbye, after all, to my long library life.

I did not:

Go look for books customers couldn’t find on our shelves in the back room ( forbidden behavior) ALL DAY LONG.  Ha ha I was not scheduled on the desk all day so needer had to cram it into a few hours.

I did not spend any time cleaning out my desk or computer files because I had done it early.  I did work on the dust bunny population. If there are new dust bunnies for the new person, enjoy.

I did not cry.  Call me smooth.

I did not tell anyone off, not even a little. Didn’t even think it, I was all smooshy.  You can’t be cranky when you’re smooshy.

And finally, I always thought when I was done working I’d go for the chorus of “Take this job and shove it”.  I just like the song and have certainly worked places that fit it (I’m looking at you, Hoover factory).

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