Mugshot! Death in the Time of Ice

See this lovely mug? (Ignore the cat).  I won it by commenting on a blog post by mystery author Kaye George.  I have secured the book itself on my iPod so that I can sip my tea out of this wondrous mug while I read it.

Kaye has three mystery series with a fourth (set in lovely Minneapolis) due out in September of next year.  Stealing descriptions from her home page, they are:

People of the Wind Novels – this series follows the Hamapa tribe as an Ice Age approaches.

Cressa Carraway Series – a mystery series featuring a musician and conductor.

Imogene Duckworthy Mysteries – these take place in modern day Texas, set in a fictionalized version of the Wichita Falls area.

Fat Cat At Large, first in the FAT CAT series, set in Minneapolis, coming in September 2014 from <!– Bookends Literary Agency –> Berkley Prime Crime . Series features Quincy, pudgy and adorable cat who is always hungry on his diet. He gets into a lot of trouble, serving as a catalyst for murder and mayhem.

Her blog is called Travels With Kaye

Kaye’s Home Page

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