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Elementary: An Unnatural Arrangement

An intruder in a ski mask sits in Captain Tommy Gregson’s house.  When his wife enters, the man demands to know where her husband is, pointing a gun her way.  A quick thinking woman, she hits the alarm on her … Continue reading

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DOA’s Five Favorite Scary Books

I love ghost stories and horror novels and have been reading them for a very long time.  I thought in honor of Halloween and a few lists of scary novels I’ve seen out there that I should pick five that … Continue reading

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Revolution: Dead Man Walking

Well played, Revolution.  The big event of the episode was the tease of a trial and execution for bad old Monroe.  They certainly have killed off main characters in the story so as Monroe was captured, jailed, summarily tried and … Continue reading

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The DOA Scrapbook: Storyboards

I’m working on Family History scrapbooks and have been for awhile.  I was actually moving right along, had a plan and was making them sort of assembly line fashion so I had one and each of my siblings could have … Continue reading

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Person of Interest: Mors Praematura

Tonight’s episode has the vile and smug Root kidnapping Shaw who is becoming more likeable each episode.  Maybe they are trying to soften the harsh character of Shaw and being roughed up by Root will gain sympathy in a second. … Continue reading

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In Search of a Soft Peanut Butter Cookie

I like the taste of the traditional peanut butter cookie, and I liked  making those cross hatches on top as a kid.  Now, as I become Ms DOA Cookiemeister, I want a nice soft cookie.  Those dry old cross hatched … Continue reading

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Right or Left Brained? Testing, Testing! As we suspected I’m right brained.  How could I come up all this fahooey if I was not?

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I’ll Never Forget You with Tyrone Power and Ann Blyth

Have you ever seen an old movie and could just remember one line from it, but not the name of the film or the actors? The line, as I remember it was from the end of the film : “…not in … Continue reading

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Putting the Garden to Bed Zzzzzzzz

I thought I would have time to do a really good job putting my garden to bed this year.  If the Big Snow holds off,  I might get there yet. Well, except for the September date which has passed me … Continue reading

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On the Road with D.O.A.: London

We had several days in London.  Our first day started after 3 pm given travel time, arrival and packing away of our things at the hotel.  We tried to cram as much as possible into our days in each place. … Continue reading

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