Marvel: Agents of Shield

ABC’s new series is off to an interesting start. 

A common but likeable man who is having some tough times turns out to have taken part in an experiment to augment his body.  He has super strength which allows him to save a woman from a burning building. 

Everyone in the area is filming the fire with their cell phones.  That certainly is realistic, that’s what everyone does in a disaster situation now, right, get out their cell and start filming it for the news and social media?

One of those documenting the incident sees Mike drop from a high window to the street with a woman in his arms, both totally unharmed by the fall.  She stalks him in a very giddy and I thought creepy way, wanting him to come forward as a hero. 

Her name is Skye and she is a computer whiz living in a van who can hack into anything.  SHIELD turns out to be one of her main targets.

SHIELD of course, is all over her with a newly assembled team whose job it is to try to shield the public from knowing too much or having too many encounters with the mutants now among us.

The show takes just the right tone of humor, whiz bang action, high tech amazements while grounding the episode in very human stories like innocent Mike trying to take care of his young son and doing desperate things to keep everything together.

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