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Revolution Season 2 Premier

Just a quickie post before I fall behind   🙂 The bombs hit Philadelphia and Atlanta and there seems to be some interaction between the fallout from that and the nanites that are everywhere. The lights were on for 4 minutes.  … Continue reading

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Person of Interest

A new night and time for Person of Interest.  They are taking a team approach to the show, and annoying Shaw wasn’t quite as annoying as usual,  She just isn’t a likeable character.  They’re taking a bit of a lighthearted … Continue reading

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Marvel: Agents of Shield

ABC’s new series is off to an interesting start.  A common but likeable man who is having some tough times turns out to have taken part in an experiment to augment his body.  He has super strength which allows him … Continue reading

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Sleepy Hollow: Blood Moon

While not so frenetic as the pilot, the first episode of Sleepy Hollow was excellent and scarier by far!  Ichabod dreams of the Four Horsemen and his wife Katrina.  He learns that the leader of the evil coven which inhabits Sleepy … Continue reading

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Banned Books Week

Every year we look at the books which have been banned, removed or requested for removal from libraries everywhere.  We often put up displays of these books and everyone is fascinated, and can’t believe that the very books they enjoy … Continue reading

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Sleepy Hollow Premier: Awakened

Official Site Yo ho! Off to a swashbuckling, head rolling good start!  Ichabod Crane, still lanky but handsome as anything with a British accent is helping a most cryptic and mysterious George Washington track down a man in the … Continue reading

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How to Snuggle Down for the Duration: Householding

A post from Susan Wittig Albert on Facebook sharing a site on how to make Homemade Extracts reminded me of a post I’ve been meaning to put up.  How to make Homemade Extracts  from the Commonsense Homesteading blog illustrates the thinking that … Continue reading

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Ironside Pilot (NBC)

I sat in my easy chair for a bit this evening watching the pilot for  the new series Ironside on my iPod. There were a few fuzzy scenes but most came through really clearly.  At first I thought it a … Continue reading

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Molly Murphy: Murphy’s Law

Our mystery book group is discussing Murphy’s Law by Rhys Bowen in the morning.  I read my first copy from the library and have bought all subsequent volumes.  The series is set in New York City at the beginning of … Continue reading

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DOA in the Kitchen: Caprese Salad Returneth

I made Caprese Salad once before after seeing it roll by on Facebook. You know how that goes.  It is such simple ingredients but such a wonderful flavor! I finally have some medium sized tomatoes RIPE from my garden but … Continue reading

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