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Saturday Night at the Movies: Man of Steel

Superman is my all time favorite super hero.  Those are the first comics I collected, buying them for ten cents apiece from a drugstore rack. To my teen self he was handsome, he was romantic (though I always preferred Lana … Continue reading

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Saturday Night At The Movies: Oz the Great and Powerful

I finally got around to watching Oz the Great and Powerful.  I hadn’t seen it in theaters because I didn’t like James Franco as the lead and the “romantic storyline” emphasized in trailers really did not seem like the Wonderful … Continue reading

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Bookish Travels: Walking Through Adventure

Traveling to faraway places is always wonderful.  Imagine if while you’re traveling you have a handy guide to the area and the settings of beloved books.  You can mark literary landmarks on your map and physically immerse yourself in the … Continue reading

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Clever Cloches (not)

Well, desperate, not so clever.  In my determination to cover my seedlings at night I carved the botton off of a Tidy Cat Plastic Container and a big old Hawaiian Punch plastic bottle.  I’m also using a Folgers empty plastic … Continue reading

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Garden Note: Still One Cool Cucumber…

Where on earth did that phrase come from, since cucumbers do not like cool weather and mine are sort of paused in their growth and happiness cycle by the stuntingly cool night and day temps. Monday evening I did not … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Gardening in June

I’ve been waiting for it to WARM UP so that I could put in my warm weather veggies.  This weekend it is JUNE, right?  Lovely warm June! Cucumbers, Swiss Chard and two types of lettuce. Sweating during the day working … Continue reading

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Working on a Book Blog

Grumble grumble.  I find that I like doing book reviews but I often have trouble writing them.  It is like a book report in school or something.  Still, recently an author actually asked me if I would like an arc … Continue reading

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