Ye Liebster

I rarely get comments but happened to notice one from novelist Kaye George nominating me for a “Liebster Award”.   I read Kaye’s post on the award, and the post by L. D. Masterson who nominated Kaye.  There appears to be a circuitousness about it, not quite a chain letter but perhaps the blog version of one.

So I looked up the award itself like any good librarian would do and found a variety of posts about it but no official site.  I liked the detective work Sopphey Says did on it trying to dig into the origins of the “award”.

Whatever the origins it appears to be a way to say “I like your blog, I’m going to share it and I’d like you to answer a few questions about yourself that will let readers know you better”.   It’s all good.

Liebster Award Rules:
1. Thank the blogger who presented you with the Liebster Award, and link back to his or her blog.

2. Answer the 11 questions from the nominator; list 11 random facts about yourself, and create 11 questions for your nominees.

3. Present the Liebster Award to 11 bloggers, who have blogs with 200 followers or less, whom you feel deserve to be noticed. Leave a comment on the blogs letting the owners know they have been chosen. (No tag backs.)

4. Upload the Liebster Award image to your blog.

1.  Thanks Kaye!  I’m going to look at all of the blogs you’ve recommended.  Thanks for sharing them.
2.   Kaye’s Questions
Do you like your name?   I hate my actual name.  Is it anywhere on my blog? Noooo.  Horrible name.  Bleh.
Are you living where you expect to stay or will you move someday?  This is my place to snuggle in for the duration.  I love my little house.
Do you have pets?  What are they?  If not, why not?  I have two beagles.  They are our second set.  The most joyful little creatures you could meet. They don’t ask much and are beside themselves when they get the few things they love: walks, belly rubs, treats.
Are you neat or sloppy?  Do you have a mate who is the opposite?   I am relaxed.  My mate is also relaxed although in his mind’s eye he thinks he lives up to his mother’s spotless ways.
Are you a morning or night person?  Mate same or opposite?   I am naturally a night person though a working life has made me sleep through my primo hours.  I have come to appreciate the quiet of the early morning hours before the world awakens, though you can’t talk to me.   My mate is a ball of fire out of the gates in the morning and he is immediately somnolent as night approaches.
Would you rather be inside or outside?   I am so tired of winter I want to be outside for years!  Snow and continual ice are keeping me inside. Luckily I have much to keep me busy and entertained in either venue.
Do you ever get giddy with happiness?   When I learn or accomplish something new or difficult, yes.  I’m always battling my own incompetence so it is a keen victory!
Are you a glass half empty or half full person?  It should be obvious that the glass is always both half empty and half full.  Sillies.
What is your favorite color?  PINK.  I wear it whenever I can.  I don’t decorate with it except to wildly some years buy all pink flowers for the garden.
If you could be anyone else either in the past or the future, who would it be?   Oddly enough, I wouldn’t be anyone but myself.  
Who do you consider the greatest writer ever?   Although I have always loved Ray Bradbury, noone can compare to William Shakespeare.   He has his own Dewey Decimal Number!
3.   Eleven Random things about me
1. All too often I won’t start a project that I don’t think I can do really really well at.

At about age 5 I noticed the inside of fishsticks have a wierd shiny way of reflecting light.  I haven’t willingly eaten them since.
When mom was pregnant with me she ate peanut butter and sardine sandwiches with honey on the side.  This explains alot!
I love notebooks to death and must have one and a pencil with a good eraser nearby at all times.
I don’t mind earth worms too much.
I am able to mock my neighbor’s crow like voice pretty well.  I think she’d be fooled.
I’m afraid to ride my new pink bike.
I’m the only person in my family with no artistic talent.
And everyone else has blue eyes!  Sniff.
I have lost the ability to make Granny Squares!  Noooooooooooooooooooooo!
I like making handmade cards but I can see people truly would rather get a Hallmark.
4.     Present the Liebster to Eleven Bloggers!
This will take some time.  Check back often!
5.  Put the Liebster Award on your page   (no room on the sidebar!):

Oopsie!  I forgot to make up 11 Questions for my (victims) honorees:

1.   Which do you love more chocolate or caramel?

2.     Pepsi or Coke (think carefully!)

3.    If you could take a riverboat journey down any river in the world, where would you go?

4.   If another planet in our solar system was colonized, which would you like it to be?

5.   Do you read only one genre of book or several?  Which ones?

6.   Does your spouse or significant personage or pet steal your pillows and horde all of the blankets?

7.   Who was funnier, Laurel & Hardy or Abbott and Costello?

8.   What is the scariest book you’ve ever read?

9.    What is your all time favorite board game?

10.  What language that you don’t know would you like to learn?

11.   What is your all time favorite book? 

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