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Happy Easter!

Despite the gnarly deep snow outside, it is Easter Sunday, one of my favorite holidays.  I like the pageant of The Church at this time of year and find it renewing, even in times when I don’t attend. I love … Continue reading

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Crochety About Crochet

I hosted a class recently on beginning crochet and had my own supplies with me in the hopes of getting a start on some old projects.   I do not, needless to say have The Touch.   I shot this at a sleepy … Continue reading

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Novels in Translation

We have had the “Foreign Language Authors” assignment at the library for as long as I remember. In desperation at one point, (in the glory days when we were allowed to make booklists and recommended reading lists for the public) … Continue reading

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Discussion Questions: A Daughter of Time

Cleaning off a Flash drive…. I always carry a Flash drive on my lanyard and it is handy but often full.  I even had to lend it to a program presenter recently when her own wouldn’t work.  Tsk, would there … Continue reading

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D.O.A. Doggies

As I say in this clip, they really are bad doggies.  One of them ate something purple and hacked it up on the carpet upstairs whilst I was relaxing watching Survivor.  Cannot imagine from the “remains” what it was.

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Ask D.O.A.: Name That Title

So a middle grade boy comes in with his mom at the end of the night and he wants a book he read before “about a kid who plays baseball and there is lots of rain.”    There’s a toughie. I … Continue reading

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Revolution: The Stand (Spoiler City)

After a three month long hiatus, Revolution returned tonight with guns blazing.  Somehow Monroe was able to power one, then two helicopters and send them to decimate rebel bases.  The first base was taken down by a single helicopter in … Continue reading

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