A Note from Ken Follett

I should sign up for more author newsletters.  I really enjoy them.  Here is one from Ken Follett on his Century Trilogy.  If I put this here, next time someone begs to know when the next book in this popular series comes out, I can just search my ever handy blog.  Isn’t he a sweetie pie though.

Dear Librarian,
Happy New Year! I hope that it will be a peaceful, prosperous and rewarding one.
Thank you for your wonderful response to Fall of Giants and Winter of the World. I’m delighted that so many readers have thought them engrossing stories that have also provided some insight into the great events of the first half of the 20th century.
I am hard at work on the third novel in the ‘Century’ trilogy, Edge of Eternity. This will follow the descendants of the five families through the Cold War and into the end of the century. I expect this to be published toward the end of 2014. Many people write to me to ask if I can write faster, but I regret that I cannot!
In the meantime, paperback editions of Winter of the World should be published in the US, UK and several other countries from August onward.
Last year also saw the release of the eight-hour TV miniseries of World Without End in many countries, which should be available on DVD this year.
As the publication and screening dates are confirmed, I’ll publish details on my website, Facebook and Twitter.
I really appreciate the feedback I get from my readers. If you want to get in touch, please do so through my web site, on my Facebook page or via Twitter.
Best wishes and good reading!

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