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Recipes of the Vintage Variety, Get Out the Fork and Knife!

I’ve been looking for more vintage recipe sites.  I put a few in my blogroll, but some aren’t blogs and some won’t work with the “feed detection” process Blogger has.   I bookmarked them for myself and knew you were dying … Continue reading

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Answer: My Favorite Book Rebus

In sixth grade, the school librarian noted I was an avid reader with that keen librarian eye some have.  She suggested a few books to me, one of them being:           A Wrinkle in Time by … Continue reading

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Mystery Crossword

I like crosswords and want to make them but I have had terrible luck with the online generators available.  I don’t care to purchase software because they may not work for posting here any better than anything else.  Grr I … Continue reading

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My Favorite Book Rebus

If you know me and my reading habits, you don’t need to decode the rebus to know what my all time favorite book is.  Tiny!  You may have to click to enlarge.

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A Note from Ken Follett

I should sign up for more author newsletters.  I really enjoy them.  Here is one from Ken Follett on his Century Trilogy.  If I put this here, next time someone begs to know when the next book in this popular … Continue reading

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Please Bare With Us…

I’m not a “grammar Nazi” who finds delight in finding spelling and punctuation errors in the writings of others, but there is one that I see in gaming all the time that just should not be there.  Using “bare” rather … Continue reading

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So, what’s the most interesting question you’ve ever had?

We get students of some ilk or other in periodically with a list of questions about the Mysteries of the Library.  Where is the card catalog (scratch paper gone long ago). What do you like about working in the library … Continue reading

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A Science Fictional Word Search

I personally love word searches.  They’re just little visual puzzles that are simple yet fun.  Thinking up the themes and words is the tricky part.           T N F V N Y U G S W … Continue reading

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Five Reasons Not To Read the Book In Hand

Truly, life is all about so many books, so little time.  Many people slog all the way through any book they begin.  My eyes pop out at them.  Some people will read 50 pages then decide.  Why suffer? There are … Continue reading

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This Week’s Cryptogram Answer

        RPN UHRO BI RPN DHAMHAM IVZCN FO UVZSE ZDPRBA DCHRP THE CITY OF THE SINGING FLAME BY CLARK ASHTON SMITH                  The City of the singing flame is a short … Continue reading

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