Revolution: No Quarter

I’ll just say this episode was not as bad as the first two, though it is still highly flawed.  I’m not sure if this was because there was less focus on Charlie and more on others, or if Charlie was mostly more calm than previously.

We have Nora, Miles and Charlie attempting to help a group of wounded rebels escape a “base” in a restaurant.  They have the one sniper rifle and the large group of militia have tons of guns and ammo.  There is a standoff once the sniper rifle comes into play.

Miles suggests they tunnel out the back wall of the restaurant (criminy!) instead of trying to ease people out the windows in a back room.  Doh.

Once the sniper runs out of ammo the militia charge the restaurant which they could have done at any time rather than just letting themselves get picked off one by one to use up the sniper’s ammo as their leader (Jacob from Lost) directs.

The militia leader is an old buddy of Miles and he lets everyone know that Miles is head of the Militia, that he created it, and has been Monroe’s right hand man since the beginning.  Miles turns himself in to the militia in return for the militia letting the rebels go.  They agree to this for no good reason, once their leader is freed they would in fact wipe out the rebels and away they go.  But.

Next thing you know the militia leader and Miles are walking across a bridge shooting the proverbial breeze and yo, explosions go off, Charlie and Nora pop up and grab Miles in the confusion and take him posthaste to the other end of the bridge. 

Charlie, barely lifting her crossbow or aiming manages to hit bullseye! a backpack full of explosives she cannily dropped in the center of the bridge.  Eye poker!

Aaron and Maggie spend the episode hanging out in Grace’s house.  Grace is gone we don’t know where.  Aaron tries to put together her smashed computer in vain.  Maggie hangs out calmly.  After a short speech by Aaron talking about all that has been lost to him in the blackout, suddenly his amulet glows and power comes on for a minute or so.  A walkman on a table plays Marvin Gaye’s “I heard it through the grapevine”.  Maggie’s iphone powers on and her kids smile out at her.   The power goes away as suddenly as it began leaving them stunned.

Daniel, the whiny pouty brother of Charlie has to deal with a nasty bully who beats him in retribution for his dead friend who Daniel killed with a crossbow in episode one.  I’m not a fan of seeing anyone tied up and beaten, especially a goofy misguided kid like Daniel.  Luckily Daniel has a bit of spark, when the guys comes around again he fakes an asthma attack and throttles the guy warning him he’ll kill him if he messes with him again.

Good Charlie moments were where she seemed like a normal character when she was tending the wounded, and when she listened to Nora’s story.

Bad Charlie moments when she got all peeved about Miles and his bad boy past and when she called her dead father a coward.  Also that half arsed shot she took at the backpack.  Whap.

Next week’s episode merrily promotes that SOMEONE DIES!  They try to show a little bit of everyone including a tied up Charlie so you go oh nooooooes, but we all know poor Maggie is marked for death.   Keep that suspense coming, guys.

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