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Elementary, Dear Bozoid

I have tons of post ideas yet haven’t been writing.  Tsk.  Sometimes under duress my mind goes all So I

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Revolution: Soul Train

Interesting episode, dare I say.  This is because the greater focus was on Captain Tom Neville.  He is shown developing from a harried office worker to a tough man who will do anything to defend his family. Big reveal! Not … Continue reading

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Survivor Philippines

I missed last week but it turns out to be for the best as the Matsing tribe loses yet another challenge this week.  I thought they were so close tonight to victory but they just could not break the last containers … Continue reading

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The Great Unexpected by Sharon Creech

This is a modern day folk tale set in the small town of Blackbird Tree and on a “grand estate” called Rook’s Orchard in Ireland.  Two sets of girls have their lives changed by a boy named Finn who falls from … Continue reading

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Revolution: The Plague Dogs

The dogs in question are owned by a brutal psycho who stabs Maggie, slitting an artery in her leg and thus making her the One Who Dies as advertised.  She went out dreaming she was reading to her kids.  Nice … Continue reading

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Elementary: While You Were Sleeping

Sherlock is a bit calmer and easier to take this week.  No doubt Watson is calming him down already.  The two of them are still very much at odds with each other and have not built a give and take … Continue reading

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Person of Interest: Bad Code

I asked Mr. DOA what significance bad code has in his world and he gave me a couple of explanations that went right over my head and didn’t seem to fit the episode. So we shall posit that Bad Code … Continue reading

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