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Grimm: The Good Shepherd

This week a tight alliance of Nick, Hank and Monroe take on the case of a Reverend who comes in to report that his volunteer accountant has stolen all of the church funds and has gone missing. When Nick and … Continue reading

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I’m not a die hard Sherlock fan, thinking CANON constantly.  Good thing.  I enjoy the utter cleverness of the Sherlock Holmes classic character and his ability to make incredible deductions from keen observations.  If only I could do that.  The … Continue reading

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Person of Interest: The Contingency

Reese asks the machine directly for help in this season opener.  What he gets is a phone call from the local phone booth, yo its The Machine!  He hears a series of words, jots them down and goes back to … Continue reading

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Among Others by Jo Walton

As we know, I had the opportunity to go to the World Science Fiction Convention this year and the winner for best Novel was Jo Walton for Among Others.  I hadn’t read anything by her (but I will read more) … Continue reading

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Survivor Philippines

Russell Swan was my favorite of the episode, keeping cool, just trying to do his best.  Good guy.  His tribe lost out again and sent Roxy home.  She is a seminary student but oopsie seems to have no fellow feelings.  … Continue reading

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Revolution: Chained Heat

Miles and Charlie split off from Maggie and Aaron in tonight’s episode.  Charlie follows a reluctant Miles to find an old friend who can help them get Danny.  The friend is on a chain gang hauling a helicopter through the … Continue reading

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Saturday Night At The Movies: Super 8

I finally had the chance to watch Super 8.  Set in 1979 with good old rock playing throughout, it follows a group of kids who are the film crew and stars of 8mm films produced by a wildly creative teen named Charles … Continue reading

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Survivor: Philippines

I’m pleased with this new edition of Survivor. For at least the last two, every person has been horrible, dislikeable and it has been hard to pick anyone to root for in such a morass of badness. Now we have … Continue reading

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Flesh & Bone by Jonathan Maberry

Flesh & Bone is the third novel in a Zombie Apocalypse series that began with Rot & Ruin and Dust & Decay. Our heroes have been heading east to see if they can find any trace of a jet they … Continue reading

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Tonight is the premier of Revolution, a new science fiction show that has all of the lights and power and energy go out in some mysterious event.  The setting of the show is fifteen years later than the event.  It … Continue reading

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