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Second City

We went to the front door after a circuitous ride to it by taxi and were told that our show was two doors down at the rainbow sign, then to the third floor. All escalators luckily! Our seat “at the … Continue reading

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ComicCon 2012 Slides

This is a test of Slideshare…. Comic Con 2012 from librariandoa

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Grimm: The Kiss

Another loaded episode last night!  The FBI steps in to investigate the warehouse “incident” and the deaths of two of their agents.  Nick is able to recover the gun he left at the scene after his fight with the Mauvais … Continue reading

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Grimm Season Two Premier: Bad Teeth

The Grimm season two opener features a french speaking tiger like creature who can “wipe out an entire village”.  The :Mauvais Dentes” has been sent to kill Nick, of course. This plotline aside, alot happens!  Nick’s mom is of particular … Continue reading

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Library Visits Blog

I heard about this blog this week.  Someone who works in a local library is attempting to visit the approximately 86 public libraries in the Twin Cities.   She liked the buildings I work in 🙂

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My New Quiz For Shelf Reading Volunteers

I previously used a Post Office style quiz I’d made wherein the volunteer put book titles/call numbers in order in groups of four.  It seemed brilliant at the time but I decided to make it more practical and reflective of … Continue reading

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