D.O.A. On TV for Real!

This week my husband put a little page from his desk calendar on my desk.  It says “I’m extremely famous in my world.”  He said it reminded him of me.  I’m not sure quite what he was thinking but I like it.

Yesterday, I was off work early so I floated on over to Highland Nursery in St. Paul to see what they had out.  A news crew from KSTP was unloading at the same time.  Had I any wit, I would have scooted back into my car but noooo.  La la la indeed.

Nick Winkler said they were focusing on landscaping today and could I answer some questions.  Aside from trying to block my view of the crow next door, I never landscape, I just garden and collect plants and go about my business.  I don’t shop anywhere if I have no money. I did not say it’s easy to spend BIG. So…

They kept asking about Landscaping from numerous angles and budget, how much do I allow per year, how do I keep track?  Blah blah.  I probably do spend about the same amount yearly but you sure don’t discuss your finances with a news crew. 

After seeing the feature, I am so glad I didn’t go into a mini-rant about landscaping not being real gardening, how I hate the phrase “plant materials” and how “landscaping” in general is very industrial and not for me.  I do enjoy the landscaping along the 45 mile an hour zone on 35E through St. Paul, however, which they show in the clip.

I thought while I was talking to them I was awfully relaxed, and was pleased with myself.  However having watched the clip a few times I think I come across as a rather cocky know it all. Ack.  So not me!


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  1. Donell says:

    I think you look fantastic! Way to go, LaVonne!

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