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Dungeon Report

I created new characters on a new server in a grand experiment to send them all into dungeons (something I have never done with my “real” characters).  I wanted to do it because I hadn’t tried it and I thought … Continue reading

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Rage of the Dragon: Book Three of the Dragonships of Vindras by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

I have a review copy of Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman’s Rage of the Dragon. I was excited to get it because I enjoyed Shadow Raiders: Book One of the Dragon Brigade so much. I have not read the previous … Continue reading

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D.O.A.’s Elder Scrolls Online Blog

Some time ago I created a Star Wars Galaxies blog (since killed off) as practice for doing a game specific blog for the finally announced Elder Scrolls Online.  The Elder Scrolls games and universe are the best game world ever … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Time: An Apple Red As Blood

At last she thought of something.   She went into her most secret room — no one else was allowed inside — and she made a poisoned apple.  From the outside it was beautiful, and anyone who saw it would want … Continue reading

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Grimm: Bigfeet

Shades of the Blair Witch films!  A college age camera crew is out in the woods having a hoot filming footage of themselves at night looking for Big Foot.  One of the guys demonstrates his patented Big Foot howl and … Continue reading

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Grimm: Happily Ever Aftermath

In a twist on the Cinderella story, a young couple loses all of their money in a financial disaster.  So that his beloved bride does not have to suffer, the husband goes to his mother-in-law to ask for help until … Continue reading

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In the Dark Dungeons Deep, Don’t let the Tank go to Sleep…

So, you may or may not recall that I played a WOW Priest to my son’s warrior and it was all shield/heal shield heal…then we went into a dungeon and everyone died pretty quickly.  Everyone else was yelling at the … Continue reading

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Gratuitous Cat in Garden Photo

I’m trying to post something daily to keep my wee mind sharp.  It’s obviously not working!  While you wait with baited breath for my April garden photos, here we have the Cat peering into the vegetable garden, wanting IN, in … Continue reading

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Mr. D.O.A.’s Television Game

As a semi-regular feature, we present The Television Game.  When I was a child, my brothers and I played Tic Tac Toe and Battleship in the sand.  My husband and his older sister were much more clever. They drew a … Continue reading

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D.O.A. On TV for Real!

This week my husband put a little page from his desk calendar on my desk.  It says “I’m extremely famous in my world.”  He said it reminded him of me.  I’m not sure quite what he was thinking but I … Continue reading

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