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Dungeon Report

I created new characters on a new server in a grand experiment to send them all into dungeons (something I have never done with my “real” characters).  I wanted to do it because I hadn’t tried it and I thought … Continue reading

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Rage of the Dragon: Book Three of the Dragonships of Vindras by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

I have a review copy of Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman’s Rage of the Dragon. I was excited to get it because I enjoyed Shadow Raiders: Book One of the Dragon Brigade so much. I have not read the previous … Continue reading

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D.O.A.’s Elder Scrolls Online Blog

Some time ago I created a Star Wars Galaxies blog (since killed off) as practice for doing a game specific blog for the finally announced Elder Scrolls Online.  The Elder Scrolls games and universe are the best game world ever … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Time: An Apple Red As Blood

At last she thought of something.   She went into her most secret room — no one else was allowed inside — and she made a poisoned apple.  From the outside it was beautiful, and anyone who saw it would want … Continue reading

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Grimm: Bigfeet

Shades of the Blair Witch films!  A college age camera crew is out in the woods having a hoot filming footage of themselves at night looking for Big Foot.  One of the guys demonstrates his patented Big Foot howl and … Continue reading

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Grimm: Happily Ever Aftermath

In a twist on the Cinderella story, a young couple loses all of their money in a financial disaster.  So that his beloved bride does not have to suffer, the husband goes to his mother-in-law to ask for help until … Continue reading

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In the Dark Dungeons Deep, Don’t let the Tank go to Sleep…

So, you may or may not recall that I played a WOW Priest to my son’s warrior and it was all shield/heal shield heal…then we went into a dungeon and everyone died pretty quickly.  Everyone else was yelling at the … Continue reading

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