Grimm: Leave it to Beavers

In a curiously charming episode, Nick investigates a mob style killing at a bridge construction site.  An Eisbiber has uncharacteristically said no to paying off troll-like Wesen Salvadore Burrell, a city inspector.  He ends up encased in cement.

The killing is witnessed by another Eisbiber, Arnold, who is more typical of the beaver-like race.  He’s scared, he runs, he hides in a friends basement.

When Nick and Hank trace down the 911 call Arnold made, they find his trailer fill of whirligigs and a photo that includes Wesen refrigerator repairman Bud.  I just love this little guy as the series goes on, and I really feared for him in this episode.  He has this hero worship of Nick and is so eager to do what he can to help him and he showers him with homemade gifts.

Bud works to try to get his fellow Eisbibers to help Nick and to vote to force Arnold to come forward to testify against Sal, the troll-like Hasslich.

Sal doesn’t like being thwarted so he calls in Reapers to kill Nick.  The Reapers aren’t such easy tools however, and they turn on Sal and demand to know all he knows about Nick and his whereabouts.

Lucky for Nick, he and Monroe have been practising with some of the weapons in Aunt Marie’s trailer.  Nick has a small crossbow with two bolts stuffed with powders to tranquilize then take down the quarry.  He also has a large studded bat.  Their practice session in the woods is so cute.  It starts off with Nick being pounced on by Monroe who comes bounding out of the foliage reminding me of nothing so much as Winnie the Pooh’s Tigger.

When the reapers track down Nick, a fight ensues. I wondered how Nick was going to keep his Grimm weapons handy.  They wouldn’t exactly fit under his shirt! He just carries them in a gym bag in his car.  Nick does some rather amazing dodging of Reaper blades and one of the Reaper’s slices off his fellow Reaper’s head.  Oops!   Nick hits the second Reaper in the neck with his crossbow.

Nick calls Monroe to come help dispose of the bodies.  My goodness there is a lot of sweeping of bodies under the rug going on these days.  Nick has definitely crossed the line into Cop/Grimm territory, merging the two smoothly. 

In an effort to discourage more Reapers from coming to kill him, Nick sends a nicely wrapped package to Reaper Central with a note:   “Next time send your best.”

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