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Once Upon a Time: The Stranger

Pinocchio turns out to have been the seven year old that found baby Emma, having come through the wardrobe portal just moments before her.  (Doh I did think Baelfire was too old.) It turns out that Gepetto forced the Blue … Continue reading

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Grimm: Leave it to Beavers

In a curiously charming episode, Nick investigates a mob style killing at a bridge construction site.  An Eisbiber has uncharacteristically said no to paying off troll-like Wesen Salvadore Burrell, a city inspector.  He ends up encased in cement. The killing … Continue reading

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Man programming is hard.  You spend alot of time coming up with what you think are good ideas and sometimes you get a boatload of people and sometimes you get nobody.  Programming for adults is especially hard because they have … Continue reading

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Word Class

We teach Computer basics and Microsoft Office basic programs at the library in order to help the people who visit us use these programs more effectively. Although a basic class outline is provided by a staff member from somewhere in … Continue reading

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D.O.A.’s YA Heroines

A recent article in the Atlantic spurred on by the popularity of the Hunger Games and Katniss the spectacular no doubt, is part of a new YA for Grownups feature at the Atlantic. The article “The Greatest Girl Characters of … Continue reading

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Henry I Am Your Father…

After last night I am convinced Baelfire is Henry’s father Also, I think Baelfire is the seven year old who found baby Emma.  I think he kept returning to the place where he entered this world in hopes that his father … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Time: The Return

They really fooled me!  I apparently have a giant soft spot for Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold because I really wanted him to be reunited with his boy.  Instead, he was tricked by August into revealing the location of his Dark One Knife … Continue reading

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