Espresso Book Machine, Yo

Isn’t it pretty? I became aware of this machine yesterday and woke up at 2 a.m. thinking about it.

You can publish your own book on the machine. It prints, collates and puts a nice cover on it.

It is possible to print a copy of one of thousands of public domain titles in just a few minutes.

Some major publishers who have been Turkeyoids about eBooks are looking at this and are considering making their titles available.

Anything that helps local writers is well worth looking at. I think this would give authors such freedom. Imagine you are an established writer who has a popular series, but you have some side interests, or books that are completely different from how you are marketed…you could get these in print.

You can make your creations available for others to purchase right from the the Expresso Book Machine if you choose.

I would actually just like to sit in an easy chair nearby and watch books being made. I hope the ink has a lovely pleasant booky smell.

Libraries and the Machine:

Brooklyn Public Library

New Machine to Print Your Own Books comes to Brooklyn Public Library: takes five minutes to print the great American novel

Darien Public Library

Espresso Book Machine

Sacramento Public Library

Sacramento Public Library Self-Publishing made possible through Espresso Book Machine

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