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I’m behind on my new season viewing notes, so here they are in brief: Dancing with the Stars I fell asleep zzzzz through the last few dances and missed the Nip Slip. I was more disappointed to see the worst … Continue reading

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Scott Westerfeld at Red Balloon

I made a rare venture out on a Friday evening to join the crowd at Red Balloon Bookstore in St Paul. Author Scott Westerfeld gave a talk on the history behind his Leviathan stories, showing illustrations from the book and … Continue reading

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Ye Bookish Rebus

I hate to feed the Rebus fan beast, but why not? Here is a book title and its author, rebus-ized. Answer: City of Orphans by Avi

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Person of Interest (Premier)

The new show Person of Interest premiered last night. It’s a mystery series with a few twists. Our heroes are: John Reese (Jim Caviezel) a former special agent who is presumed dead when he is found by Mr Finch (Michael … Continue reading

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Draw a Stickman, Have an Adventure

Sure you can Draw a Stickman! With the help of this animated site, you can also draw a few other things while channeling your inner Harold and the Purple Crayon!

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DWTS: the Draggy-Leg Awards

We used to call Lara Croft draggy-leg when she wouldn’t make jumps for us in Tomb Raider. Poor Lara. In last night’s Dancing with the Stars three contenders stood out for failure to gracefully navigate the dance floor. They were … Continue reading

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Survivor: South Pacific

South Pacific? Pretty vague. In any case the season is off to a good start with lots of interesting characters. If you thought Coach and Ozzy would be tossed off asap, you’d be wrong. They are both serving rather well … Continue reading

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