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Survivor: Coach and Ozzy

Yeeks why they keep bringing back these repugnos, I don’t know. Maybe once they get through their vast villain list they’ll send Ethan or somebody cool back in. Can you imagine getting Coach on your team? Painful. At least Ozzy … Continue reading

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Design Star: Who should win?

I’m rooting Karl, then Meg, then Mark, Kellie last. Karl has the most talent and personality. He’s like like nobody else. Has a few wild edges, but he’s kept them mostly filed down. Go Karl go.

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Design Star: Monster Out!

I keep saying I won’t watch each new season of Design Star because it seems very “rigged” to favor the judges selection, and I miss Clive Pearse as host. Of course I’m pinned to the the show Monday nights. This … Continue reading

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BookNotes: The Wild Hog Murders by Bill Crider

In the 18th Sheriff Dan Rhodes mystery, our hero deals with Blacklin County literally gone hog wild. Wild hogs tear through farms and open forest country as the hogs breed wildly. Hunters who seek to drop the population become involved … Continue reading

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