So You Want to Be a Librarian…

In today’s library news, I found three excellent articles.

One on those daft British politicians who are thinking to save public monies by tossing library staff out the door and running libraries with volunteer help. Uh huh. From the Guardian, librarians are cut in a fell swoop. Note they mention how many people just walk by libraries every day and never enter. I’m sure there are no other places like that in society, especially in governmental services. Nope. Oxfordshire cuts test ‘big society’ as librarians are replaced with volunteers. Professional staff also to be removed from libraries in David Cameron and culture minister Ed Vaizey’s constituencies

One on using RFID to check in materials, complete with a video, cute! This is actually working out to be a very slick technology. Library goes High Tech to save time, money.

One is from 2009 but it talks about becoming a librarian and what various library types are like, what expectations and realities are. Note they do not mention at all that you might be replaced by a random human or by a machine. How to become a librarian updated.

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