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NaBloPoMo’s Last Stand

Big sigh of relief. My effort to get in a post a day came so close, missing only one day, so I will call it a success. When we were doing the original 23 Things, trying to complete NaBloPoMo seemed … Continue reading

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Picky Picky Picky!

(Pat Paulsen reference for you young uns) I have nothing to say today but here is a short clip called The Librarian Dialogues which you may have seen already. We librarians do in fact like some semblance of order. We … Continue reading

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Calculating crowds

For all the of counting we do at the library trying to measure our use and perhaps effectiveness, we are unable to gage things such as how many people will stream through the door on the day after a holiday. … Continue reading

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The Guardian: Without libraries, we will lose a mark of our civilisation

In an article dated November 28th, 2010 (a small bit of time zone travel) Catherine Bennett talks about the closure of 250 libraries in England. Some libraries are being taken over by volunteers and Friends of Libraries organizations. I can’t … Continue reading

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National Day of Listening

It’s always something, isn’t it? Today is the National Day of Listening. Because I’ve been trying to put together a sort of mixed media approach to family history for my family, I appreciate finding out that today is a day … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Have a lovely day tomorrow. Enjoy the ones you love, be safe, travel well. Needless to say, don’t be a turkey!

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Blog Spotting

The Closed Stacks Blog has a guest post by the effing librarian titled: A Librarians advice on dealing with librarians. I understand the frustration and have encountered every situation that he/she (effing being none too gender specific)mentions here. The first … Continue reading

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Lord of the Libraries

Today we have a take on the brave fellowship returning a library book 30 years overdue to a bookdrop deep within a library at the university of Kansas.

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Ho Ho Ho

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Just Books, No Cookies!

Libraries offer an incredible array of goods and services these days. Yet almost daily someone will come in or call and ask for something we don’t have, can’t offer, wouldn’t remotely be able to offer even with all the budget … Continue reading

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