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Closed Stacks: Just because you want it doesn’t mean it exists

A few weeks ago I wrote about the many types of questions we get on a typical day. One type of question that stands out is the question that hasn’t got an answer. Not the sort of answer the person … Continue reading

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Dumpr Photo Editing

I’ve been looking for something that turns a photograph into a pencil sketch for some time. Thanks to the 23 Things Newsletter Archive I found Dumpr and produced this delightful sketch of my colleague Cleery: Original picture (a zombie makeup … Continue reading

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Wall Street Journal: New Library Technologies Dispense With Librarians

In an October 24th article, the Wall Street Journal presents libraries which are taking the Vend-O-Matic approach to library services. Faced with budget cuts, government agencies apparently think getting rid of those costly buildings filled with books for all ages … Continue reading

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Monster Mash Starring the Leary Girls

I used old school pictures to make this lovely Halloween clip. The girls appear in birth order from oldest to youngest. Funny how little they’ve changed over the years!

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USA Today: Trick-or-treaters’ Halloween candy often picked off by parents

Adults are eating all of the Halloween candy, tsk. Are you guilty of sharing your child’s candy? Do you tell yourself they should not be eating all of those sweets so you’re saving them from themselves? Hmmm, bunky? You’re not … Continue reading

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Minnesota Voting Info

The excitement continues to build in the close races for Minnesota and everywhere. In recent years with insanely close elections and recounts, more than ever every vote counts! Where to vote If you’re not certain of your local polling location … Continue reading

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Shelf Reading Training for New Volunteers

When I took over as our branch volunteer person, I wanted to cut down the training time from a two hour training to a one hour training. I also wanted to set a particular time each month when I offered … Continue reading

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Dancing As a Star Part 2

Most reality shows have lots of mean people you’d like to see voted right out but that isn’t the case on Dancing With the Stars. Everyone works their heart out and it is a shame to see anyone go. If … Continue reading

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Hog Wild Storytime

As a followup to my post on my once in a lifetime storytime, here is what we did: Used my Scrapbooking supplies to make a little sign so I could say today’s storytime is brought to you by the letter … Continue reading

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D.O.A. Hams it up with first ever Piggie Storytime

Tomorrow morning I do my first (and likely only) storytime ever. Classically trained as your basic Reference Librarian, I never dreamed I’d be auditioning for the role of porcine patterer in front of the boss with pig noises. I think … Continue reading

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