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The Last Page by Anthony Huso

The Last Page is a glorious fantasy novel set in a steam-punkish Lovecraftian world. The new king of the duchy of Stonehold inherits an imminent war, and a cast of characters ready to advise and mold him into something that … Continue reading

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Survivor Nicaragua: new night, new challenges

I always love Survivor, but this time out, the survivors will be split by age. The youthful beach lounging types will have to go after their fellow loungers instead of picking off the more well seasoned players. Those thirty and … Continue reading

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I’ve decided to enter the 21st Century as a reader and get a Kindle. One of our mystery book group readers has one and was quite enthusiastic and a staffer has one (and generously showed it to me) and with … Continue reading

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This Week in Dakota County

Thanks to a pal, I am now reading This Week in Dakota County regularly. It does a great job of covering local Dakota County cities and it is covering the budget situation for our county, which affects everyone who lives … Continue reading

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Just. Buzz. Off.

Buzz Off! according to the Online Slang Dictionary means: To go away. Origin: from onomatopoeia “buzz”, the sound an insect makes, implying that the person addressed is annoying and should leave. I used to use that phrase all the time, … Continue reading

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