On the Desk: Print Preview

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Just when you think most customers have mastered the use of Print Preview in Internet Explorer, someone comes roaring up to the desk outraged that “The Computer” printed out a bunch of mostly blank sheets of paper.

Many will let you calmly show them how to use Print Preview to get an idea of what their printed pages would be, and then select only the pages they want.

Some people just aren’t willing to even think that the “Evil Computer” or better yet the library staff, those wily “I’ve got my hand in your coin pocket” types aren’t out to get them. They won’t listen and they argue and argue. Ouch.


Select File

Select Print Preview

Use the arrows on the preview page to see how many pages there are and what is on them.

When you know what you want, click on the Print icon on the upper left corner of the Print Preview page.

When the Print Dialogue box comes up note Page Range.

All is selected by default.

Click in the “Pages” radio button and type in the range of pages you want to print out. Say your web page had three pages but only pages 1 and 2 have information on them. Page three is just the web site address or some small bit of useless text.

In the Pages box, type 1-2. Page three will not be printed and you’ve saved money and you get a gold crown for not yelling at the librarian.

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