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On the Desk: Print Preview the arrow to see panel 2 Just when you think most customers have mastered the use of Print Preview in Internet Explorer, someone comes roaring up to the desk outraged that “The Computer” printed out a bunch of mostly … Continue reading

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I write like Ray Bradbury…in another dimension!

I write likeRay Bradbury I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing! Via Rosemary Honnold on Facebook. I couldn’t resist this. My favorite post here is my Dear Ray Bradbury entry. Almost certainly they picked his name … Continue reading

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I love this guy: Isaiah Mustafa for Old & Spicy Libraries

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First Lines

When I pick up a book to see if I’d like to read it, I read the flyleaf/jacket information and the first few lines to see if I like the author’s style and if the story grabs me. First lines … Continue reading

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