Shelf Check

My third or so time around on Facebook I’m happy with the many good and interesting folks and sites I’ve found.

There is that snarky saying going around that Facebook is the people you went to school with and Twitter is the people you wish you went to school with. Silly Tweeters. Facebook seems more like a community, whereas Twitter still reads like an often nonsensical newsfeed.

I recently found a library comic called Shelf Check on Facebook.

The subtitle under the profile picture is “May you work the reference desk in interesting times”. Amen to that, brother (sister, whatever). The times don’t get more interesting than these at the reference desk.

In just a few panes, the cartoonist captures the utter absurdities that we deal with from all fronts. It makes me feel better to know that BIZARRE THINKING IS GOING ON ALL OVER.

I found this on Facebook but there is a blog for Shelf Check where the cartoons appear if you don’t want to show your fannishness on Facebook. Hmmmm she uses the comic strip creator Toondoo. I thought I recognized the style. She uses it far better than I can though. Nice work!

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1 Response to Shelf Check

  1. Kris says:

    haha – I just checked out shelf check on facebook..thanks for introducing it to me!

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