Rebus Puzzle Makers

Who truly knows how my mind works? Not me. For some reason yesterday I thought of turning one of my posts into a Rebus. A Rebus is one of those cute word drawings that substitutes some pictures for letters.

Here are Rebus puzzles generated from two different sites. Enjoy! Solutions will be up on May 30th to celebrate my successfully completing 30 posts in 30 days.

Rebus 1:

Rebus 2 (special note the cutoff symbol at the end of line two is the letter “e”. The image was too large for Paint to capture even on landscape):

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2 Responses to Rebus Puzzle Makers

  1. Unknown says:

    Where is the answer to these first two rebus from 2010?

  2. Hi! I can't believe I missed posting the answers to these till November of 2010, sorry!:

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