Winter Jackets Reading Program for Adults January 11-February 28 2010

Tomorrow the fun begins at your local Twin Cities area library. Why should kids and teens have all the reading club fun, we ask?

Winter Jackets, which was renamed last year from the infinitely more fun Hot Reads for Cold Nights gives adults a chance to sign up for a low key reading program wherein they track their reading by recommending books to others, and they’re also entered in a weekly prize drawing (in many locations).

At my location, we have donated books and prize baskets on reading themes which are also filled mostly with donated books as our prizes. I learned how to arrange my items in the baskets just so by watching my predecessor so that they look really appealing, mostly freebie materials or not.

Don’t resist, go to your library tomorrow and sign up. We love readers and this is just another way for us to say so.

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