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An Author Reading, (almost) in Second Life

I’m enjoying Facebook much more these days. I was all set to attend a live “reading” of Michael Stackpole’s new novel At the Queen’s Command in his stylish office in Second Life. Would have been fun, but a sound guy … Continue reading

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The Shadow Project by Herbie Brennan.

Danny, a wild child of the streets, makes his way into an abandoned mansion. Through a bit of odd timing, he discovers an elevator down to a secret government facility just as security for the system is offline. He knows … Continue reading

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Star Tribune stunned STUNNED! by Librarian who amassed books and wealth

In a front page article today, the Star Tribune reveals the seedy underbelly of librarianship and the possibility that these “quiet living” folks might amass books and money. The article is written in the very tone that would be used … Continue reading

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From the Daydreamers Public Library: the Library Little Theater

Pretend public libraries were not crushed budgetarily like everyone else, and we’re in a world where you can think of cool things libraries could do if they just imagined it. Libraries should build on small auditoriums, with a nice stage. … Continue reading

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Winter Jackets Reading Program for Adults January 11-February 28 2010

Tomorrow the fun begins at your local Twin Cities area library. Why should kids and teens have all the reading club fun, we ask? Winter Jackets, which was renamed last year from the infinitely more fun Hot Reads for Cold … Continue reading

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Free Tax E-Filing–Yoikes! Another Taxing Post

Because we stock tax forms, many people see us as a sort of All Your Tax Needs Here Outlet. In truth, we just offer the most commonly used Federal and State forms. We have no tax expertise, and even if … Continue reading

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More Taxing Info From Your Library

Click to Enlarge! If you are a poor unfortunate and don’t live in brutally cold, icy, snowy Minnesota, check the TaxSites page for your own local department of taxation.

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Death and Taxes @ the Library

Tax Season has arrived! Customers have been clamoring for 2009 Tax Year forms since at least October, even though you can’t file until January. They must have money coming back or something, because otherwise they’d be part of that humongous … Continue reading

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The Librarian Newswire’s 10 Librarian Blogs to Read in 2009

Hot on the trail of live public librarians who write about their librarian-like lives, I came across this list. The blogs from public librarians are: Closed Stacks “Ruling the world through information” This is a joint blog with two of … Continue reading

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Pondering Public Libraries

Since I’m all retrospective here at the beginning of the new year and decade, I thought I would do my homework and read more about what other public librarians think about their posts out there in libraryland. I am looking … Continue reading

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