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D.O.A.’s Scary Movie List

Happy Halloween! Here is my list of scary movies. The only one I would not be able to watch again is Night of the Living Dead. All of these made the list because certain scenes stick in my head or … Continue reading

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Grocery Store Musical

I saw this on Boing Boing a week or so ago. Let’s squish our fruits together, indeed. I love the reactions of the customers in the store. The clip is from Improv Everywhere. Here’s a write up on how they … Continue reading

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BackType Query of the Week: Reader’s Advisory

I like the idea of Backtype, sort of modern day Library Literature search, as it were, if you’re trying to find out the buzz on Library Topics (who isn’t? Hot stuff!) Calmly typing in “Reader’s Advisory” as my search, ha! … Continue reading

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FlashForward: Gimme Some Truth

Since this takes place largely in Washington D.C. during Senate Hearings into the FlashForward Mosaic Program and possible ongoing funding, the title is humorous. The episode certainly has plenty of tension, skullduggery and backroom dealings, however. It turns out Wedeck, … Continue reading

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Flash Forward: Black Swan

This is the episode of AWFUL MUSIC. Gack. The opening shows people dropping to sleep to a slow and horrible tune that I thought would never end. Make it stop! And the jazz music playing while they chased a pot … Continue reading

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Survivor Samoa

I’m a little behind on Survivor Samoa. I was sad to see fellow Minnesotan Ashley Trainer go home two weeks ago. She just couldn’t withstand the bad luck of Foa Foa and the machinations of Oily Russell. Last week was … Continue reading

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Backtype a "Conversational" Search Engine

BackType is a real-time, conversational search. Conversational search is a new way of searching the web to surface what reputable people are saying about topics and webpages that interest you engine. We index and connect online conversations from across the … Continue reading

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