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Lady, That’s My Skull

I’m off and on marathoning Smallville and find myself looking up information on the series and how it handles characters. (Hmmpf!! on the upcoming golden retriever version of Krypto–sacrilege!) I was following various picture trails of Lois Lane over the … Continue reading

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On with the Show

I love making the little themed Lego People so I’ll continue them here. I’ll put them over on the side, but the September theme can have the spotlight here in a short but adorable post.

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The Rainbow Connection

Reading Rainbow has been bringing kids to books since 1983. The series enchanted both parents and children. It is too sad that it is done. So here is Kermit, that eternally optimistic and sweet Froggie (and Debbie Harry) as a … Continue reading

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Integrating Exercises into Computer Classes

All of the librarians at my branch teach computer classes for the public. None of us had any training for this, we needed to learn as we went along. Everyone has their own approach, though we now have standardized class … Continue reading

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The Baker Street Letters by Michael Robertson

When lawyer Reggie Heath buys the entire 200 block of Baker Street, London, he unwittingly signs a clause that requires his firm to acknowledge receipt of and send a form letter response to all letters addressed to Sherlock Holmes of … Continue reading

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Read the book? See the movie sites

I’m working on a display of books which have been made into films and found these two sites which are great for those who love to see their favorite books lighting up the big screen: Chasing the Frog Chasing the … Continue reading

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This is me, Jack Vance! (or more properly, This is "I")

This slim volume of science fiction writer Jack Vance’s memoirs is much like reading his books–a journey through wondrous lands. These lands are not those of his imagination but tales of his travels with his wife over a lifetime. Over … Continue reading

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On the Desk: Looking Good


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Intellectual Curiosity Identified as Pavlovian Rat Response, or Worse

It turns out that seeking knowledge, absorbing its implications and seeking even more knowledge is a low, base and probably icky thing our brains do. No surprise, that ol’ demon “The Internet” feeds this contemptible and rat-like stimulus/response mechanism. Shame … Continue reading

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