More Things on a Stick Thing 32: Google Maps and Mashups

Well *doh* this doesn’t look like the detailed map I created at all. You can certainly click on this for more detail and see the locations and descriptions but I would sure expect a closer up picture of the Twin Cities. Must check out the Mashups cause this gets a bah humbug.

I found a map of locations found in the television show Lost which looks fine on the link page but it comes up grayed out copying the linked map in here so…mash this fine map here.

Blog Prompts

Describe the type of mashup you created. Just a few favorite Twin Cities locations.
Did you find any mashups that interested you? The Lost Map.

Can you see a use for mashups at your library? If you could get the detailed map it could be used for library locations.

Perhaps it could be used to create topical maps of say, the Museum Pass locations, or in conjunction with the Major Leagues at Your Library Program, baseball field maps?

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  1. Thanks for calling out my Travel 2.0 article. Here’s the link to it:

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