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So Lost: The Variable

A variable is a value that can change, depending on conditions or on information passed to the program. (Daniel) The opposite of a variable is a constant. Constants are values that never change. Because of their inflexibility, constants are used … Continue reading

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So Lost: Some Like It Hoth

I’ve watched the episode a second time attempting glean some fascinating meaning from the title of the episode. I got nothing. So let’s dig deep into the BS-Vault and try this: Some like it Hot “The all-time outrageous, satirical, comedy … Continue reading

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More Things On a Stick Thing 30: More Ways to Use RSS and Delicious

I have been signed up for but haven’t been using Bloglines as my RSS source since the original 23 Things project. My how the feeds have piled up! There is an option to clear them out and begin anew, but … Continue reading

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Harper’s Island "Crackle"

I think they cheated a bit here having one of the Victims of the Week be a non-wedding wedding party member. The poor Reverend *sniff*, all he wanted was a nice scone and a little walk in the woods. I … Continue reading

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So Lost: Dead is Dead

A little late on this episode but meh. The title is another of those wry Lost jokes. Dead is certainly not dead when it comes to the Island. Dead people pop out of the foliage every two feet. Its just … Continue reading

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Note to Self: Opening and Printing Tricky Adobe Documents

We’re having a rash of problems with people not being able to print Adobe documents. Our techies have no solution since it is “intermittent”. So, we had a man’s resume that he had created on an online site, and it … Continue reading

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Star Trek Academy Evaluator

Watch a clip from the upcoming Star Trek movie, then take the Academy Evaluator. I got stuck on test two, and could only find three things that were different. No Starfleet career for me 😦 This comes via @ParamountPics … Continue reading

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