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More Things on a Stick Thing 27: Twitter

Until recently, I didn’t see that Twitter had much to offer. Suddenly, in the last couple of weeks I think it is a great “newsfeed” of truly interesting information. Once I knew there were news sources, and book publishers and … Continue reading

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An Interview with Mystery Author Bill Crider on Twitter

There I was, wondering how interactive Twitter could really be, and I had the idea of doing an author interview on Twitter. I wrote to the ever humorous, ever low key, ever gracious Bill Crider via email and asked if … Continue reading

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Read Meme (from Booklist Online via Ning)

Just answer these and put them on your blog or take it to your next book discussion group (the original use for this meme) 1.Which book has been on your shelves the longest? A tiny book of science fiction short … Continue reading

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More Things on a Stick, Thing 26: Ning

I haven’t looked at Ning since the last round of 23 Things. Luckily I still had my log in information. I have updated my Profile by putting my enhanced D.O.A. avatar in, and I put in my actual library related … Continue reading

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Paradoxically Yours, Time Travel Stories

Since the paradoxes and counter-paradoxes of Lost have our heads spinning here at D.O.A. Central, we present a few time travel tales that are not merely about travelling through time, but which address those tricky time paradox issues that can … Continue reading

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So Lost: He’s Our You

I thought there was a possibility, but I didn’t think he’d shoot the kid. Yikes. No question Ben was at his most vulnerable and he could have been redeemed, but whammo. Maybe Sayid missed or the Smoke Monster will scoop … Continue reading

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Even More Thing 25: Polls

Blogger has a Poll function that you can access easily, but I tried this Poll creator from Vizu just to see how it works. Sorry Carol, Hepzibah wouldn’t load into the poll 😦 Also, it put my lovely pink skelly … Continue reading

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