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Omaha Librarians Rock the House

Via Joystiq read all about Omaha, Nebraska librarians who got in trouble for purchasing (for the library) the game “Rock Band”, then making an entertaining promotional video of themselves assembling and playing the game. They put this on YouTube and … Continue reading

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Snugglebeagles I’ve been looking for a companion for my little beaglemeister since November of last year. My sister loaned me her Golden Retriever and I really loved the way she got along with my beagle pal, and thought to find … Continue reading

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So Lost: 316 (Spoilers for anyone who doesn’t think I’d actually talk about what happened in the episode…)

I definitely have to watch this episode a second time. It was a mostly straightforward episode time-switching wise. Almost a relief! Jack, with his “messiah complex” (From wikipedia: Messiah complex is a state in which the individual believes themselves to … Continue reading

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Survivor Tocantins Episode 2 Catfight!

I took my notebook down to watch the show and the first note I made was: Candace Cannon Fodder!!! Sure enough! She was a tough physical competitor but socially she really needed to be a lot more mellow. It was … Continue reading

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More Things on a Stick Thing 25: Blogger’s Toolkit (or in the common parlance…"How to Pimp Your Blog")

20 Usability Tips For Your Blog Following my Master Plan to be more methodical and thoughtful this time around with the 23 Things, I’m going to hit every part of the “DO”s. There are a ton of Things in Thing … Continue reading

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The Blog Typealyzer

Since the Book Besotted Librarian and Carol Has Her Nose In A Book were buzzing about the blog/personality analyzing tool the Typealyzer (sounds like it might kill you in your sleep, doesn’t it?) I found it and my blog reveals: … Continue reading

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More Things On a Stick! Thing 24, Go Forth and Refresh Your Blog

At last I’m beginning the More Things on a Stick, part two of the 23 Things on a Stick program. I have continued blogging since the last program ended, and I have added and tried many things to enhance my … Continue reading

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Survivor: Tocantins My Early Calls: Survivors vs Cannon Fodder

I’m geared up for tomorrow night’s show. For the first time ever I’m going to try to call who has the best chances of survival based solely on the pictures and biographies on CBS’s page. Crazy! I’ve divided the contestants … Continue reading

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Chalice by Robin McKinley

Mirasol has been chosen as the “Chalice” after the unexpected and violent demise of her predecessor. In a society with a very hierarchical structure (Overlord/Master/Chalice/Grand Seneschal) her role is to ceremonially, psychologically and physically bind the land, the Master and … Continue reading

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Mostly Mysteries: Joan Maze

I try to keep a mystery theme here though I often stray. One of the things I hope to do is to feature Minnesota mystery authors whenever I can. Today, a long time customer came in who I know has … Continue reading

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