Real Librarians Read to Their Dogs

I haven’t bought a board book in a very long time that wasn’t a gift for a new niece or nephew. I love board books for their bright colors, sturdy covers and simple, joyously presented concepts.

Passing through Target one afternoon Snuggle Puppy! A Love song by Sandra Boynton caught my eye. I have a particular love of holiday themed books, but this was the only one in the “Valentines” display that I liked enough to purchase.

Since my son is still home on break, I began a dramatic reading of my new treasure, making sure to draw out the ooooooooo’s. He thought the story was cute, but my beagle loved it. There he was, in the kitchen doorway absolutely rapt, especially on the ooooooo’s.

As a test to see if he really did like the book, I read it to him again the other night. You’d think I was finally talking his language, he was so taken by the reading.

If you have a child, even over toddler age, they’d love this book because it is sweet and reaffirming of your love in the tradition of Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney and Mama Do You Love Me by Barbara M. Joosse.

Let your dog listen in too, though he’ll love Snuggle Puppy best.

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4 Responses to Real Librarians Read to Their Dogs

  1. Now if only you could get them to stop squabbling…

  2. Maybe someday when they’re both more mature. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe I should read it to Dylan and see if he loves it as much as your pooch! M

  4. Don’t forget to draw out the ooo oooo ooooo’s and Dylan will love it.

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